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KJF CO. LTD (Korea)

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To contribute to the global prosperity, KJF is dedicated to continually enriching its corporate value by offering originality and quality in all products and services Coming to you with the best quality and service Since its establishment in 1993, We, KJF CO., LTD. has been engaging in all kinds of flanges and fitting business fields and enjoying a good reputation to all over the world.


We have been supplying our high quality products such as Forged Flanges, Nozzles and Forged Fittings to the industries of Petroleum, Chemical, Oil & Gas, Electric, Nuclear power plant, On-Off shore Plant, Ship building, Heavy industry & Construction.


In recent years, concerns have been growing about the global environment and access to sustainable sources of energy. At the same time, we are witnessing rapid changes in the global economic environment around us. These developments will significantly influence our operating environment in the years ahead. KJF CO., LTD. is dedicated to continuously increasing its corporate value through strict quality control system, we promise our World-wide potential customers to supply with our high quality products.


We deeply appreciate the continuous encouragement and support given by our valued World-wide customers.

KJF will continue its R&D to satisfy our customer's demands with Top Quality products and services.