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Pusan Fitting Corporation (Korea)

PFC Logo

Pusan Fitting Corporation is an manufacturer for pipe fittings supplying to petrochemical · refiners, Construction, Shipbuilding, Offshore and Nuclear power.

Pipe fittings of PFC are made with its know-how for more than 40 years.

The range of products manufacturing by PFC includes:

• Butt-Welding Fittings

• Forged Fittings

• High Pressure Fittings

• Socket, Sleeve & Nipple

• Coupling ( API 5CT )







You can find more information about our products in the brochures which you can download below:


PFC_Company_Profile_R6-4.jpg socket_sleeve_nipple05-1.jpg High_Pressure_Fitting02-1.jpg Forged_Fittings04-1.jpg Butt_welding_fittings01-1.jpg coupling06-1.jpg


We value and cherish the relationships with each customer, which during the working with us appreciated as the highest quality of our products and as the high level of service rendered by us.

The quality of our products is confirmed by International Quality Certificates, as well as strict quality control system, which is implemented in our Factory.


Our Quality Certificates:


Our Expirience Track Record for Major Projects for the last 5 years: